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We work with experienced and knowledgeable doctors who prioritize our client’s safety. However, if unexpected risks arise during a trip or treatment aimed at improving health, vitality, or beauty, we recommend and assist clients in obtaining insurance policies through insurance intermediaries to protect against potential risks. These Include but not limited to:

Health Tourism Complication Insurance, this policy is for medical complications that may occur after surgeries or medical procedures for individuals traveling to Turkey for health tourism. The policy covers expenses for medical examinations,treatments, and medication for the complications. If the complication occurs after returning home, the policy also covers travel and accommodation expenses. The policy covers treatments specified in the plan and stays within the coverage limits and rates specified in the policy and certificate.

Travel Health Insurance, policy that covers unexpected risks, such as illness,accidents, or death, for individuals traveling to Turkey from the date of arrival to the date of departure. The policy covers the cost of outpatient treatment,hospitalization, surgery, and doctor’s services if the insured becomes suddenly ill or injured while in Turkey. It also covers expenses necessary for transfer to a medical center or transportation to another medical center or permanent residence after discharge. In the event of the insured person’s death hile traveling, the policy covers transportation expenses for the body to the place of residence.