İçeriğe geç

Our Vision

Based on the principle of healthy and happy women, families and societies, and to support women and their relatives in finding the most appropriate specialists and practices to improve and maintain their physical and mental health, and to help them adapt to the long life cycle, and to accompany them to maintain their health throughout their lives.

Our Mission

To help women and their relatives regain and maintain their physical and mental health, by operating;

• Within the framework of our ethical principles,
• Within international standards,
• With high quality of services,
• With effective prices.

To make accurate analysis and planning by establishing a trust-based, open communication with our customers in order to help them reach the most appropriate experts and applications. To turn the trust-based, solution-oriented relationship we have established with them into a continuous and permanent bond by continuing our information and counseling services for the protection of their health even after their return to their countries.

Ethical Principles

  • Commit to the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Act with honesty and integrity.
  • Be transparent and clear.
  • Place the interests of clients above our own.
  • Treat clients with respect, dignity, in a responsible and compassionate manner.
  • Respect the client’s privacy, safety, security and honor.
  • No distinction based on medical condition, age, gender, disability, race, color, religion, national origin or place of residence.

Our Story

We, MSc Env. Engineer R.Güneş Oksay and Prof.Dr.Suna Özyüksel (Ph.D.) came together for happier women and families.

I, MSc Env. Engineer R.Güneş Oksay, in addition to my long-term environmental engineering duties, I have also educated myself in new technologies, individual financial planning, and investment consulting. As a financial technology expert with knowledge of new technologies such as blockchain and AI, I contribute to our efforts to create a more advanced and efficient healthcare system.

I Suna Özyüksel, an academician and practitioner who has worked on international economics, risk management, and insurance in different institutions including both public and private sectors for many years. I became aware of the changing needs and expectations about health and beauty as I grew older. Even though I know many practices and doctors, I struggled to decide which one would be the best for my needs. There were many applications and many experts, but I couldn’t decide which one was right for me. To be able to make a decision, I read scientific researches and published articles on this topic in the international arena, and had conversations with many doctors who are the best in their fields. Due to my knowledge and experience, women in my family and around me started to consult me for their problems. They all wished someone would tell them what they need and which methods and experts would be best to meet those needs. Later, I realized that many women of different ages had similar problems. I thought, who could solve these problems better than me with the knowledge and experience I have accumulated so far and the broad medical doctor network I have created.

So, we pooled our knowledge and experience and collaborated with the best specialized doctors and hospitals to help cure diseases that everyone, men and women, can face. We also created an infrastructure focused exclusively on women’s illnesses and needs

To meet the needs of women, I continued to research more medical applications specifically tailored to women’s age periods and stories and created a wide network of experts who can perform these applications with one of our medical doctor friend. In short, we established the infrastructure necessary for women to access applications and experts who will support them to improve all their health problems, guide them to take the necessary preventive measures to stay healthy, and give them ideas to choose the applications they can have to continue their lives in a vigorous and beautiful way.

Today, preventive medicine is crucial due to the increase in life expectancy. Sometimes our healthy lives are interrupted in certain age cycles, and we become the owners of different diseases due to the risks expected in age periods. For men, we offer intermediary services in preventive medicine with various tests and analyses.

Women, on the other hand, are evaluated in different segments depending on their age and/or life events (pregnancy, menopause, etc.). For example, a woman who goes through menopause at the age of 48-50 may live an additional 30 years on average and be much more energetic and full of life than her older counterparts. This raises issues such as the precautions these women need to take to maintain a healthy sex life, measures against osteoporosis, etc. Or pregnancy may require special care for women. For this reason, we examine the risks that women may encounter in their age periods with the tests and examinations created with reference to international studies and managed by expert staff who can manage this process.

Another issue that needs to be organized for women is to support them to stay vigorous while aging healthily. There are so many different aesthetic surgery and medical aesthetic applications that sometimes it is difficult to understand which one is most suitable for us. In this context, we support women to make the right choices with my network, which we have created by determining the applications and specialists suitable for their age periods so that women can look natural, vigorous, and beautiful at any age.

Being a patient puts people into very different anxieties. Especially receiving service in an unfamiliar country increases this anxiety even more. For this reason, we not only provide mediation for women and men to choose the treatments and specialists they need, but we also support them with a system and patient assistant service where we can discuss their concerns and answer their questions.

With our knowledge and experience and our extensive professional network, we provide you open and safe service, contributing in a small way to happier women and happier men for society.