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Contact Us


To initiate the process, please complete our online inquiry form through our website. Upon submitting the form, you will receive a notification confirming your inquiry. If you have additional questions, please refer to our FAQ section or contact us directly via WhatsApp or email.



Within three working days of receiving your submission, we will evaluate your information and contact you via email. As everyone’s needs are unique, this email will provide further details on how we can proceed.

Treatment & Payment


Once we have gathered all the necessary information and fully understand your requirements, we will begin preparing your treatment plan. Based on your needs, we will contact medical professionals or facilities to obtain their opinions and treatment plan recommendations. We will then provide you with a detailed proposal outlining your treatment options and associated costs. After your careful review, we will request a deposit to secure your treatment reservation if you decide to proceed. Payment will be required at an agreed-upon time and through an agreed-upon payment method



Following the confirmation of your treatment reservation, we will assist you with any necessary documentation required for your visa application. We can also arrange transportation, accommodation, a translator, or a personal assistant to stay with you during your treatment if required. We will provide packing tips and information to make your trip to Turkey as smooth as possible.



We require you to obtain travel and health tourism complication insurance to protect your health and financial interests. We can assist you in finding the best insurance coverage from trusted insurance providers at advantageous prices.



Once all preparations are complete, you will begin your journey toward better health. We will support you throughout the treatment process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Optional Tours


While our primary focus is your health and wellness, we can also assist you in planning tourism activities before or after your treatment so that you can enjoy your time in Turkey to the fullest.

Post-Care Services


We are committed to providing you with post-care services upon request, and you will always have access to our team or your primary treating doctor. If any complications arise, we will assist you in insurance agency insurance claims, exploring solutions in your country, or arranging a revisit trip to Turkey if needed.